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I practiced clinical psychology for over thirty years in the greater Baltimore area. In my practice I provided individual therapy and psychoeducational assessments to children, adolescents, and young adults as well as family and marital therapy. I obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia followed by an internship in Pediatric Psychology and a Fellowship in Adolescent Medicine at the University of Maryland Medical School.


I served as chief facilitator and consultant to a multi-year, multi-specialty community engagement project with Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Carnegie Mellon University around allocation of scarce medical resources during a disaster.


I live in Baltimore with my husband of over four decades. We have three married children and three grandchildren.

I have retired from my clinical practice and enjoy volunteer work that combines my love of children and teens with art. Having published quite a few books, family and friends are challenging the notion that I'm "retired".


During my playtime, I am an oil and watercolor painter. My favorite subjects are landscapes and expressive portraits of children. I love the outdoors and keep very active with regular swimming, hiking, biking, and yoga. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I enjoy cross-country skiing, kayaking, and travel. Sometimes, I manage to sit back and relax. Then, I enjoy reading and knitting.

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