Jacqueline Toner is a Psychologist and award winning author of therapeutic books for children and adolescents.

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Along with co-author, Dr. Claire Freeland, Dr. Toner writes books with young people, parents, and therapists in mind. Each book begins with an informative introduction for parents. Books for school-aged children include interactive examples which present evidence-based strategies for overcoming jealousy, fears of making mistakes, and social anxiety. As children progress through each book they are introduced to the concepts behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques as well as a variety of coping and problem-solving strategies. Charming illustrations and kid-friendly themes of pirates, explorers, and circus performers keep young readers engaged.

For teens, a book on the difficult subject of depression provides important information about what depression is and where it comes from. This book may help a teen who is depressed or at risk of becoming so to understand what they are experiencing. It presents strategies for change designed to help young people deal with the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors which are a part of depression. This volume is designed to complement individual psychotherapy. 

With Pediatric Physical Therapist, Kendra Barrett, Dr. Toner and Dr. Freeland have written a charming book about a girl in a wheelchair and how small accommodations allow her to join into every day activities with her peers.